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"Quality at a Good Price!"    Also Big and Tall Sizes

Known for our generous selections, fine quality, and exceptional service; our suit prices are typically more than 1/2 below general market values. Our word of mouth have led people far and wide to shop at our store.

Suit Sizes: In Shorts, we run from 34 to 48, and Suit Prices start at $99.00 to $189.00 including selections of all wool suits, stretch band waists, pleated and non-pleated pants. In Regulars, we run from 36 to 60, and in Longs we run from 38 to 60.

Sport Coats and Blazers: Sizes from 36short to 58Long and all even sizes in between. They are priced from $79.95 and up.

Belts: Sizes ranging from 30 to 58; each specially priced


                                                       Dress Shirts

Shirts Sizes: Our shirt sizes range from 14½ to 22 in big and tall

Shirt Prices: From Van Huesen, Donald Trump, and Fashion lines with 20-30 % off market prices

Thousands of suits on hand.

                                                     Hats & Outerwear!

                             Western Style Leathers and Sport Coats

Ties: We have the best selection of traditional, classic, and fashion styles in the area. Price: $14.95

Bow Ties: We have a number of classic colors as well as a selection of more contemporary designs. 

Casual Wear: Hixon's has always been a carrier of classic casual styles for men. Now, though we've kept those styles, we have kicked it up a knotch by making fashion accessible to any man. Because we are so varied in our Casual wear putting a detail description is difficult.